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Software development

Our team can develop software applications from start to finish meeting your organization’s needs to create a competitive advantage. We can provide a wide range of custom application development services to add more value to your business.

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Mobile application development

Mobile apps put your business in people's pockets, connecting you to a larger audience across the modern devices people use. Zelda Technologies will work with you to identify what makes your product unique, then synthesize your input and ours into a user friendly product for your target customers. We'll assure that your strategy targets the right platforms in the right order.

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Web design and development

We can meet your organizations web design, website, and web application development needs. We can help you digitally transform your organization with customer focused websites and apps that engage your target audiences.

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Cloud solutions

Our team of experienced consultants can support your business through every stage of the cloud lifecycle. We can provide expert assistance you need to quickly and effectively bring cloud computing services to your business.

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Business intelligence and data analytics

Zelda Technologies helps clients capture, manage and analyze their data and turns it into usable information to make better business decisions. We can help turn your business data into actionable insights, so you can improve and grow your business.

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User experience

We can help enhance the User Experience, boost user adoption, and absolutely wow your end users with our user experience services. From user research to post release testing, our User Experience team can help you in every step in your UX journey.